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Corporate Social Responsibility

Vishwagreen has taken a comprehensive approach towards our environment, keeping up with the sustainability development goals and focusing on contributing to a large extent in improving the quality of our planet, our society and our people.

Vishwagreen has been donating some portions of its profits for the well-being of the people, their health and education of their children, who belong to the villages covering upto 7 square kms, situated in Karjat City and 62.3 km away from Mumbai. We organize medical camps, awareness camps etc. related to social, educational and environmental problems.

As our logo & motto signify, we always aim to keep the environment clean and green by using upgraded sophisticated technologies that help us in maintaining the purity of nature and reducing the carbon footprint. We make sure that we plant trees ten times of the plants that could’ve grown in the lands where our buildings stand.

In the spotlight of increasing vigilance against the violence against cows, we are also into the mission of saving the sacred animal. Vishwagreen has dedicated a piece of land in Karjat where cows are cared for and also produce biodegradable products from their bio wastes. It is a key source of our organic farming and whatever we produce – vegetables, fruits and milk are donated to people below poverty line, to orphanages, to old age home etc.


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